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We offer flexible services so that you can choose the best way to access and purchase our journals, from individual articles to our entire journal collection.

Here you will find information on:
Pricing and ordering
Rights and permissions
Purchasing article reprints
Bulk subscription orders

New to Oxford Journals?

Visit our help pages for information for first-time and existing subscribers to help members activate, access, and maintain their Oxford Journals Online accounts.

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What is freely available?

• Most of our journals publish freely available abstracts summarizing each article.
• Back issues of many journals are made freely available after a few months
• A large selection of papers are available through open access
• In addition, we make one recent issue of each journal freely available, so that you can make an assessment of its relevance.

Visit the journal of interest to find out which content is freely available


We offer a range of pricing models to suit individual academic and non-academic institutions as well as institutions that have multi-site or consortia journal access needs.

Visit our Collections web page to contact us and find out more.


We offer tailored rights and permissions services to industries and organizations that have special publishing requirements. Other special services include reprints and content licensing.


The Oxford Journals Developing Countries offer represents our commitment to providing free and greatly reduced online access to many of our journals both on a title-by-title basis or as a collection for institutional subscribers.

Who qualifies for this offer? Read more