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Pricing Policy and Conditions 2010

2010 Change to our Institutional Pricing Policy

From 2010 onwards, and for most of our journals we publish, the online only price will be the 'base' price for all journals (rather than the print-plus-online or combined price). In these instances, the print only price will be 110% and the combined price 120% of the online only price.

Oxford Journals will continue to offer standard (print plus online), online only and print only subscription options on individual journals.

  • Online-only Institutional Subscription - Site-wide online-only access (the 'base price' - 100% of the list price).
  • Print-only Institutional Subscription - Print-only subscriptions are available at a 10% premium on the Online only Institutional Subscription. This will entitle the customer to receive a print copy of each issue of the title for each calendar year.
  • Standard Institutional Subscription - Print with Online subscription includes a combined print subscription with site-wide online access to the title at a 20% premium on the Online-only Institutional Subscription.

*Online access for items 1 and 3 above include:

  • IP registered access across a single site (multi-sites may contact us to negotiate an extended license)
  • Access to full-text in HTML (where available) and PDF - current contents, plus online back issues from 1996 where available
  • Remote access allowed via secure proxy
  • Inter-library loan
  • Archival access to paid-for content

Full details of the Oxford Journals Institutional Site licence can be found at:

2010 Online-Only Price Freeze

We are pleased to inform you that there will be no increase in the online only price between 2009 and 2010 for the majority of our journals. For more information please visit

Please note that the price freeze described above relates to institutional subscriptions only and that pricing for consortia deals will be dealt with on a case by case basis as usual, for further info please contact the sales manager for your region:

Online-Only Subscriptions Now Available

Online-only subscriptions are now available for the following journals:

  • Journal of Design History
  • Journal of the History of Collections
  • Oxford Art Journal

Payment Terms

Full pre-payment in the correct currency is required for all orders. Payment should be in US dollars for orders being delivered to US or Canada; Euros for orders being delivered within Europe (excluding the UK); GBP sterling for orders being delivered elsewhere (i.e. not being delivered to US, Canada, or Europe).
All orders should be accompanied by full payment and sent to your nearest Oxford Journals office.

The following methods of payment are accepted:

  • By cheque in £ sterling drawn on a UK bank, € euro drawn on a European bank, or in $ US drawn on a US bank. Cheques should be made payable to Oxford Journals. All orders should be accompanied by full payment and sent to your nearest Oxford Journals office.
  • By bank transfer to Barclays Bank Plc, Oxford Group Office, Oxford (bank sort code: 20-65-18) (UK). Overseas only: SWIFT BARC GB 22.
    • GB £ Sterling to a/c no 70299332 - IBAN GB89BARC20651870299332
    • US $ Dollars to a/c no 66014600 - IBAN GB27BARC20651866014600
    • EU € Euros to a/c no 78923655 - IBAN GB16BARC20651878923655
    Please quote our renewal/invoice number and subscriber (if known) when making payment.
  • By Mastercard, Switch/Maestro, Visa, or American Express. Due to excessive charges, subscription agents paying by credit card will forfeit their agency discount.
  • By charge card: automatic annual charge to either Visa or Mastercard is available. Please contact us for further details.

Discount To Agents

Agents may deduct 5% from the prices quoted on titles. Please note that this discount is not applicable if payment is made by credit card.


The VAT number for Oxford Journals is GB 195 27 53 34. Please ensure that the new number is noted for all transactions from that date.

1. If you are paying via an Agent please contact the Agent for details on the VAT charge.

2. If you are in the UK please add 17.5% to either 30% of the total value of a combined subscription or onto the total value of an online subscription.

3. If you are in the European Union outside the UK and have a Vat number, then please let us know this so we can update our records accordingly. You will be responsible for any VAT under the reverse charge procedures.

4. For an online or combined subscription, if no Vat number is supplied and the bill-to address is in the EU outside the UK, then the Vat rates in point 2 will apply.

5. For a print or combined subscription to a UK title, if no Vat number is supplied and the ship-to address is in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy or the Netherlands, then Vat will be due on the total of the print subscription or 70% of the combined subscription at that country's local rate for print subscriptions.

6. For a print or combined subscription if the ship-to address is in Canada then Canadian GST will be applied to the total of the print subscription or 70% of the combined subscription.

Personal Rate Subscriptions

Personal rates are applicable only when a subscription is for individual use and are not available if delivery is made to a corporate address. By purchasing subscriptions at this rate you are representing to Oxford Journals that the journal will be used only for personal, non-commercial purposes. Oxford Journals reserves its right to take appropriate action to recover any losses arising from any intended or unintended misrepresentation.

Personal print subscriptions will include online access from 1996 (where available).

Please note: Many Oxford Journals titles offer special member and student rates alongside institutional subscriptions. Please see individual titles for details.


Our prices include Standard Air.

Cancellation Policy

Orders are regarded as firm and, after the first issue of the volume has been dispatched, subscription payments are not refundable.

Claims Policy

Claims should be made within four months of publication or date of order (whichever is later)

Change of Address

Please give four weeks notice of change of address, supplying both the old and new address details to Oxford Journals Customer Services

Managing Your Subscriptions

Remember that institutional customers can set up and manage online access, IP data and download usage statistics from one user-friendly account. The My Account link is visible in the top right hand corner of every page of our website. More details of this feature are available at:

Our content is also accessible via a selection of gateways including SwetsWise, EBSCOhost Electronic Journals Service, OCLC Electronic Collections Online, Ingenta, Minerva etc. For further details or contact Oxford Journals Customer Services

For Developing Countries Customers

Oxford Journals will continue to offer developing countries free (or greatly discounted) online access to many of our journals. Further information, including a list of countries that qualify for free or reduced access in 2010, can be found at

Please note that in 2010 we will be basing our list of qualifying countries on 2008 World Bank Reports (and in 2011 on 2009 World Bank Reports).

We also offer reduced print prices to some of our journals for developing countries as shown in our 2010 Institutional Price List.

Contact Information

Should you require any further information, please contact us:

Oxford Journals Customer Services

The Americas


Rest of the World

ISO 9001:2008

We are accredited for ISO 9001:2008, which provides a standardized framework for the processes by which high-quality products are created and service given, to the satisfaction of all customers. Oxford Journals aims to demonstrate to societies, editors, authors, and subscribers that there is a robust methodology in place for the management of quality in relation to its operational processes.