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Humanities Archive Key Papers

Here is a selection of key papers from some of the journals that appear in our Humanities digital archive:

From Essays in Criticism...

  • The Argument of Marvell's 'Garden', Frank Kermode (1952)
  • The First Paragraph of *The Ambassadors*, Ian Watt (1960)
  • Wordsworth: 'A Pure Organic Pleasure from the Lines', Christopher Ricks (1971)
  • A Deist Tract by Dryden, William Empson (1975)
  • Philip Larkin: After Symbolism, Barbara Everett (1980)
  • The Reader's Wager: Lots, Sorts, and Futures, Gillian Beer (1990)
  • Keats's Lisping Sedition, Nicholas Roe (1992)

From the English Historical Review...

  • The Huns and the End of the Roman Empire in Western Europe, Peter Heather (February 1995)
  • Were There Any Crusades in the Twelfth Century?, C. J. Tyerman (June 1995)
  • The Origins of the Thirty Years War and the Structure of European Politics, N. M. Sutherland (July 1992)
  • The Fall of Anne Boleyn, G. W. Bernard. (July 1991)
  • The Balfour Declaration: A Case of Mistaken Identity, Mark Levene. (January 1992)
  • Why Was There No Marxism in Great Britain?, Ross McKibbin. (April 1984)

From the Journal of Theological Studies...

  • Eucharist and Christology in the Nestorian Controversy', Henry Chadwick (1951)
  • Eyewitness Testimony and the Gospel Tradition', D. E. Nineham, (1958)
  • The Platonism of Arius, G. C. Stead, (1964)
  • The Messianic Association of "The Son of Man" , W. Horbury (1985)

From Mind...

  • Computer Machinery and Intelligence, Alan M. Turing (1950)

From Past & Present...

  • The Sacred and the Body Social in Sixteenth-Century Lyon, Natalie Zemon Davis (1981)
  • Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development In Pre-Industrial Europe, Robert Brenner (1976)
  • Taking Hold of the Land: Holy Places and Pilgrimages in Twentieth-Century Zimbabwe, Terence Ranger (1987)