REPORT: The Changing Landscape of Local and Community Development in Ireland: Policy and Practice

tsrcThis is the report of a conference held in University College Cork, Ireland, in October 2015 to discuss research carried out by UCC researchers and the views of representatives from the wider voluntary and community sector on the impact of both austerity cuts and changes to central and local government funding on the sector.

With the onset of the economic crisis on 2008, a range of austerity measures introduced by Irish Government led to severe cuts in funding to the voluntary and community sector in Ireland.  Accompanying this was an on-going process of policy change since the late 1990s, linked to Government attempts to align the sector with central and local government priorities and agenda. The latter culminated in the passing of the Local Government Reform Act 2014, which attempted to bring the community and voluntary sector under greater local and central government control, and included the introduction of competitive tendering for service contracts established by the State, in place of grants for community sector organisations.

Issues raised by the research and discussed at the conference included the implications of such changes for collaboration and co-operation in the sector in an atmosphere of increased competition for resources, community development as a method of work, the independence of the sector, and notions of participative democracy and grassroots engagement.

A copy of the conference report is available here.


EVENT: Building Bridges: Mobilising communities in times of conflict

ukraine revolutionSeminar:
Experiences from the U

Thursday 23rd June 2016

University of Birmingham, UK

Oleksandr Pidhonyy
Nataliya Drozd
(Centre Dobrochyn, Chernihiv)

Seminar Room 710, Muirhead Tower
3.30pm – 5pm

This event is free to attend but places are limited. To book contact Angus McCabe:

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New Editors for the Community Development Journal

Keith PoppleMae Shaw





We’re delighted to announce that in 2016 the Community Development Journal will be edited by veteran CDJ Board members Keith Popple and Mae Shaw.

In their first editorial – for Volume 51, Issue 2 of the journal, which is available now to subscribers – Keith and Mae thank outgoing Editor Mick Carpenter for his considerable contribution.

“We commence this, our first Editorial as CDJ Co-editors, by thanking our predecessor Professor Mick Carpenter for the excellent work he undertook over the last six years as Editor of the Journal. Editing a major international journal like the CDJ is a complex task, and our readers have greatly benefitted from Mick’s diligent, focused and strategic approach to the role. It is to his credit that the CDJ has become more influential in the field and remains the leading international community development journal and is in an excellent position to address the challenges of the future. Mick remains on the Editorial Board so we will all continue to benefit from his contribution to the Journal”