New Editors for the Community Development Journal

Keith PoppleMae Shaw





We’re delighted to announce that in 2016 the Community Development Journal will be edited by veteran CDJ Board members Keith Popple and Mae Shaw.

In their first editorial – for Volume 51, Issue 2 of the journal, which is available now to subscribers – Keith and Mae thank outgoing Editor Mick Carpenter for his considerable contribution.

“We commence this, our first Editorial as CDJ Co-editors, by thanking our predecessor Professor Mick Carpenter for the excellent work he undertook over the last six years as Editor of the Journal. Editing a major international journal like the CDJ is a complex task, and our readers have greatly benefitted from Mick’s diligent, focused and strategic approach to the role. It is to his credit that the CDJ has become more influential in the field and remains the leading international community development journal and is in an excellent position to address the challenges of the future. Mick remains on the Editorial Board so we will all continue to benefit from his contribution to the Journal”

Community Development Journal – Open Call for Journal Editor

Since 1966 the Community Development Journal (CDJ) has been the leading international journal in its field, covering a wide range of topics, reviewing significant developments and providing a forum for cutting-edge debates about theory and practice. It adopts a broad definition of community development to include policy, planning and action as they impact on the life of communities. We particularly seek to publish critically focused articles which challenge received wisdom, report and discuss innovative practices, and relate issues of community development to questions of social justice, diversity and environmental sustainability.  The Journal is published four times a year and is circulated in over eighty countries.

The CDJ’s current Editor plans to stand down as of January 2016. To ensure continuity and handover, and following a selection process in spring 2015, new editorial arrangements will be set in place by July 2015.  Between July 2015 and January 2016, it is anticipated that the current and incoming Editor(s) will work in parallel in order to ease the transition and passing on of roles.

The CDJ is now seeking applications for the role of Editor(s).  It is expected that the incoming Editor(s) will share our commitment to the CDJ’s values and mission, and to the on-going development and enhancement of the journal itself.  It is likely that Editor(s) will be UK based though candidates from other locations may make a case as to why they feel it would be possible to meet the demands of the editorial role from another location.   The Editor(s) should have an outstanding knowledge of community development and a commitment to ensuring that the Journal retains its unique focus on providing a critically reflective and contextual account of the theory and practice of community development as it is practised and understood internationally.  The Editor(s) will work with an engaged and highly participatory Editorial Board and International Advisory Board.

The CDJ Board is open to different editorial models and invites applicants to state, in their application letters, their preferences in that regard.  For example, the following models will be considered:

  • Sole Editor with contracted administrative support
  • A model of co-editorship – with a maximum of two editors with contracted administrative support
  • Managing editor with Associate Editor.

Current remuneration for the Editor role is appropriate to the role, responsibilities and work undertaken. This will be discussed on application, and may be negotiable, within limits, according to the circumstances of the applicant.

The initial term of office will be for three years.

Contacts: A detailed Job Description is available on request. Prospective applicants are invited to send a written expression of interest, detailing their suitability for the position, along with a CV to: Ruth Pearce, and /or Rosie Meade,

Applications should be submitted by: Friday, February 27th 2015.