CDJ Thinkery: Community Organising for Social Action 3rd July 2019

Community Organising for Social Action

10.30 – 4.30, Wesley Conference Centre, Euston, London

Purpose: In addition to publishing 4 issues of the journal each year, the Community Development Journal occasionally holds international gatherings which provide an opportunity to meet colleagues for face to face learning and discussion. On 3rd July 2019, we will be hosting a ‘Thinkery’ – a day in which to reflect, learn and challenge our understandings around community organising and social action.

• identify the commonalities across community practice, and examine ways of promoting community organising as a core feature of practice;
• build alliances at a local, national and international level with a view to supporting collective action and movement building;
• build solidarity between local and global social action;
• challenge ourselves and others through critical debate.

Speakers and provocateurs:

Tricia Zipfel: in the 1970s Tricia helped pioneer Co-operative Housing in the UK and was involved in community organising in the States. She has been an active member of TELCO/Citizens UK for more than 20 years. In addition, she ran a national organisation for 20 years, was a government policy adviser and remains heavily involved in community organising.
Bob Fisher: is Professor of Community Organization at the University of Connecticut. Bob teaches courses in community organizing and urban and community studies. Bob has been researching, critiquing, teaching, writing about and engaged with community organizing since the early 1970s.
Pushpesh Kumar: teaches Sociology at University of Hyderabad. Present academic concerns include queer movements, queer pedagogy, religion and queer issues, and Marxism and Queer Theory. He is currently editing Sexuality, Abjection and Queer Existence in Contemporary India (Routledge) and has published extensively in leading national and international journals.

Adam Fletcher: Adam is an internationally recognized advocate for youth engagement. Beginning in 2001 with his flagship programme, The Freechild Project, Adam’s work on youth engagement has influenced communities worldwide. His education outreach program called SoundOut began in 2002 and has led the international student voice movement since.

Please join us for a day of participatory discussions and thinking.
Cost, including lunch, is £50. Closing date: 17th May 2019.
50 places are available on a first come first served basis.
Please email  to reserve your place, providing your full name and contact details. We will then send an invoice and further information.

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