Nino Vasadze

Nino VasadzeCDJ International Advisory Board

Nino has a background of almost 15 years community development work that mainly has been undertaken in rural areas of Georgia. Her research interests include experience and best practices of small community based organizations within the country and community development approaches applied in Caucasus region.

Nino has been involved in community development work since 1998, when the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia ( CSRDG) launched the Local Democracy Development program with aim to promote community development and good governance in the rural areas of Georgia. The main work of community development has been still implemented in regions of Georgia. Nino coordinates the network program of community development with local partner organizations in 6 Municipalities of Georgia, where work has been undertaken with 12 Community Youth Centers/Community based organizations.

Nino also leads the Community Development Resource Centre that has been functioning since 2011 on the base of CSRDG. Since 2012 Nino is the board member of Country based Coalition of 9 local organizations working on Community Development – CoDeCo (Community Development Coalition).

Nino is an International Board Member of Community Development Journal and has been involved in training and development work with non-governmental organizations in Georgia and Caucasus region.

Nino’s teaching/working interests include Community Development, Organizational Management and Personal Skill Development issues.

Further research Interests: Community development issues, Community Participation, Community Foundations and Building cross sectoral partnerships.

Tel: (995 32) 2399019

Delisi 1st Lane 5a
Tbilisi 0177, Georgia