Rosie Meade

Rosie Meade is a lecturer in the School of Applied Social Studies, University College Cork.  With her colleague, Órla O’Donovan, she is one of the review editors at the Community Development Journal.  Her academic interests are quite diverse, but are generally centred on issues of democracy, power and resistance in the social and cultural spheres. More specifically,  she has written, researched and publicly presented on themes related to: community activism and its relationships with the state; community development as a product of ‘government’ and social policy; governmentality and the professionalisation of civil society; media representations of social movements and protest; cultural democracy and cultural resistance; the theory of community arts; the politics of the Left; alternative media practices; Brand Ireland and the ‘functionalising’ of Irish culture; and consumerism.
Currently she is collaborating with colleagues Mae Shaw (Institute of Education, Community and Society, Moray House, University of Edinburgh and the Community Development Journal) and Sarah Banks (Centre for Social Justice and Community Action, University of Durham) around the development of the book series Rethinking Community Development, for Policy Press (Bristol).  The first two Books in the series, Politics, Power and Community Development (editors, Meade, Shaw and Banks), and Class, Inequality and Community Development (editors Shaw and Mayo) are already in production.

Recently (2015) Rosie and her colleague Fiona Dukelow (University College Cork)  finalized editorial work on an original collection called Defining events: power resistance and identity in 21st Century Ireland.  The book includes includes chapters by an exciting range of Irish scholars and academics, and is published by Manchester University Press.