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Mobile ePrints

The benefits:

  • Multi-channel distribution via USB memory sticks, CDs, or e-mail. Mobile ePrints can also be placed on your website but usage reports are not available
  • Portability: Internet access is only required the first time the user opens the ePrint. No connection is required for repeat usage
  • No software download: The user does not need to download the Adobe plug-in before opening the ePrint


  • Internet access the first time the ePrint is opened
  • A PC. Mac-compatible mobile ePrints are not available

How does it work?

We will send you an e-mail with a link to your ePrint embedded. We recommend that you “Save” the file to your desktop for portability. You can then distribute the ePrint by whatever means you have agreed with our Reprint Sales Manager.

Contact us

For more information or a quote please contact our Reprints Sales Manager.