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Have Journal Will Travel…

All Oxford journals now have mobile optimized sites offering streamlined display for small screens and low-bandwidth networks. This allows you to access our journals quickly and easily via smart phone from virtually anywhere.


How to access:

Scan - You may see the symbol below on print copies of our journals, or on the OUP stand at conferences. You simply scan these images with your phone to take you directly to the mobile friendly version of the site. You just need to download a QR reader to your smartphone and you’ll be able to use this.

QR code

If you’re logging in to the Oxford Journals website on your mobile device through an institution's WiFi service, you’ll be able to access your institution's subscriptions.

If you have a personal subscription, simply log-in to your Oxford Journals My Account as usual.

When you access the Oxford Journals website from either an ios or Android os, you will automatically be re-directed to the mobile friendly versions of the site.