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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Oxford Developing Countries Program?
The Oxford Developing Countries Program provides not-for-profit institutions in developing countries free or deeply discounted access to our journals and select online products. OUP participates in a number of free or heavily-reduced rate developing country access initiatives, including INASP, EIFL, and Research4Life, as well as our own Developing Countries Offer.

Which countries and institutions qualify for this offer?
This offer is available to established not-for-profit educational institutions from qualifying countries. Our eligibility is based on the World Bank Rankings and the HDI (Human Development Index) alongside other metrics. Access is either free or deeply discounted.

Participating countries list

What is contained within the Oxford Developing Countries Offer?

Eligible countries may request online access to the following products through OUP directly:

What kind of technical requirements are needed at my institution?
In order to access our journals, your library will need an internet connection of at least 56kbps and an Internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. You will also need Acrobat PDF Reader software.

How do I apply?
To take advantage of this offer a senior librarian/member of staff will need to:

Where can I access training and technical support?