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Librarian Resource Centre

Librarian Resource Centre

Oxford University Press has developed a range of resources to assist libraries with using, managing and promoting their journals content. Our Librarian Resource Centre will provide you with materials, tools, and ideas to help you make the most of your institutional access. For questions, feedback, or other comments please email our Library Marketing team.

Visit our Chinese, Japanese and Spanish homepages:
图书馆员资源中心 (For Librarians - 简体中文)
図書館員の皆様へ (For Librarians - Japan)
Para Bibliotecarios (For Librarians - Spanish)
圖書館員資源中心 (For Librarians - 繁體中文)

Librarian News

The 2016 Collection
The 2016 Oxford Journals Collection brochure is now available. Find out more about the 311 prestigious journals, including 14 new titles which are joining Oxford University Press for the first time in 2016.

For other news, including archived news, please visit the Oxford Journals News page.