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Usage Statistics

As usage of our digital products increase, so to do the demands we have for a deep understanding of how they are being used. To meet these demands we are pleased to launch our new usage portal to provide institutional customers with COUNTER 4-compliant usage reporting.

The COUNTER 4 code of practice provides an international, extendible Code of Practice for e-Resources that allows the usage of online information products and services to be measured in a credible, consistent and compatible way using vendor-generated data.

COUNTER reports will be released on a monthly cycle and will be available through the buttons below. If you have any questions about the service please visit our extensive FAQS or contact our customer service team.

What if my institution uses SUSHI?

We are pleased to continue supporting SUSHI harvesting as a method of automatically retrieving usage statistics, there are however some changes that your SUSHI administrator will need to make.

If you are a SUSHI administrator, you will need to re-configure the server address and WSDL as well as create a SUSHI account where you will be provided with a unique client ID for additional security. We have put together a five step guide to help you re-configure your settings, you can find them in our customer FAQs.

Can I still access my previous usage reports?

You will be able to access historic COUNTER 3 reports for 2013 usage in the librarian portal alongside your current COUNTER 4 data, simply adjust the reporting date to begin January 2013.

If you require any historic data for the period of 2008-2013, please send a request to our customer service team - please note this can take between 5-7 working days to process.