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Halloween Collection

Happy Halloween!As the days grow cooler and the nights grow longer, Halloween can't be far away. And what is Halloween without a few witches, vampires, giant pumpkins, and more? Curl up with thirteen spooky articles from our history journals.

The Strange Death of Margarita Marcellini: Male, Signs, and the Everyday World of Pre-Modern Medicine
Guido Ruggiero
American Historical Review (2001) 106 (4): 1141-1158

Buffalo Bill Meets Dracula: William F. Cody, Bram Stoker, and the Frontiers of Racial Decay
Louis S. Warren
American Historical Review (2002) 107 (4): 1124-1157

Object Analysis of the Giant Pumpkin
Cindy Ott
Environmental History (2010) 15 (4): 746-763

Rendering justice in witch trials: the case of the val de Lièpvre
Maryse Simon
French History (2011) 25 (4): 453-472

The Gendering of Witchcraft
Laura Kounine
German History (2013) 31 (3): 295-317

Ghost Hunters and Psychical Research in Interwar England
Joanna Timms
History Workshop Journal (Autumn 2012) 74 (1): 88-104

The Devil, the Body, and the Feminine Soul in Puritan New England
Elizabeth Reis
Journal of American History (1995) 82 (1): 15-36

The Long and Short of Salem Witchcraft
Richard Latner
Journal of Social History (2008) 42 (1): 137-156

MEDICINE IN THE ARTS: Karl August Weinhold and His “Science” in the Era of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein: Experiments on Electricity and the Restoration of Life
Stanley Finger and Mark B. Law
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences (1998) 53 (2): 161-180

Imperial Secrets: Vampires and Nationhood in Puerto Rico
Lauren Derby
Past and Present (2008) 199 (suppl 3): 290-312

Demonic Possession, Literacy and ‘Superstition’ in Early Modern England
Andrew Cambers
Past and Present (2009) 202 (1): 3-35

Medical Magic and the Church in Thirteenth-Century England
Catherine Rider
Social History of Medicine (2011) 24 (1): 92-107

Spiritualism After the Great War
Jennifer Hazelgrove
Twentieth Century British History (1999) 10 (4): 404-430

Eager for more Halloween-related reading? Enjoy these free articles from some of our other humanities titles.

Fast Zombie/Slow Zombie: Food Writing, Horror Movies and Agribusiness Apocalypse
Michael Newbury
American Literary History (Spring 2012) 24 (1): 87-114

‘Poe, You Are Avenged!’: Edgar Allan Poe and Universal Pictures’ The Raven (1935)
Kyle Dawson Edwards
Adaptation (2011) 4 (2): 117-136

Notes and Queries, Black Cat Folk-Lore
Notes and Queries (1905) s10-IV (104): 505-d-506