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First World War Article Collection

In order to commemorate the centenary of WWI, we have put together a free journal resource comprising articles from a wide range of subject areas. Click below now to read free research in your area.

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Sexual Violence and Family Honor: British Propaganda and International Law during the First World War
Nicoletta F. Gullace
American Historical Review

The American Press, Public, and the Reaction to the Outbreak of the First World War
Phillips Payson O’Brien
Diplomatic History

‘Salvaging the Man Power of America’: Conservation, Manhood, and Disabled Veterans during World War I
Michael J. Lansing
Environmental History

The First World War and working-class food consumption in Britain
Ian Gazeley and Andrew Newell
European Review of Economic History

French Soldiers and Their Correspondence: Towards a History of Writing Practices in the First World War
Martyn Lyons
French History

Imagining the Absent Dead: Rituals of Bereavement and the Place of the War Dead in German Women's Art during the First World War
Claudia Siebrecht
German History

Printing, Writing and a Family Archive: Recording the First World War
Michèle Barrett and Peter Stallybrass
History Workshop Journal

Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight: Race, Class, and Power in the Rural South during the First World War
G. Kurt Piehler
The Journal of American History

Shell Shock, Trauma, and the First World War: The Making of a Diagnosis and Its Histories
Tracey Loughran
Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences

Sharing Scarcity: Bread Rationing and the First World War in Berlin, 1914–1923
Keith Allen
Journal of Social History

Good Bombing, Bad Bombing: Hollywood, Air Warfare, and Morality in World War I and World War II
Frank J. Wetts and Martin A. Novelli
Magazine of History

“A Participant’s History?”: The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Manipulation of Oral History
Teresa Iacobelli
Oral History Review

Developing Iraq: Britain, India and the Redemption of Empire and Technology in the First World War
Priya Satia
Past and Present

Feet for Fighting: Locating Disability and Social Medicine in First World War America
Beth Linker
Social History of Medicine

‘Women of Britain Say Go’: Women's Patriotism in the First World War
Paul Ward
Twentieth Century British History

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War and Biology
L.H. Bailey
Journal of Heredity

War’s Aftermath
David Jordan and Harvey Jordan
Journal of Heredity

Ernest Lee: 1886 – 1915
H. Gwynne-Vaughan
Annals of Botany

Alfred Stanley Marsh
Annals of Botany

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'Soldier's heart': physiological or psychological?
European Heart Journal

Incidence of three presentations of acute myocarditis in young men in military service. A 20-year experience
J. Karjalainen and J. Heikkilä
European Heart Journal

Post-trauma predictors cardiovascular diseases in young adults following war
D. Vulic, D. Secerov-Zecevic, M. Burgic-Radmanovic, Z. Vujkovic, J. Marinkovic, A. Lazarevic, N.D. Wong and S. Ristic
European Heart Journal

Stiffness of large arteries and cardiovascular risk in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder
Jolanta Walczewska, Krzysztof Rutkowski, Barbara Wizner, Marcin Cwynar, and Tomasz Grodzicki
European Heart Journal

Phantom limb pain
L. Nikolajsen and T. S. Jensen
British Journal of Anaesthesia

Transfusion Requirements for the management of war injured: the experience of the international committee of the Red Cross
B. Eshaya-Chauvin and R.M. Coupland
British Journal of Anaesthesia

A history of Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen anaesthesia part XII: Developments in America and Nitrous Oxide anaesthesia between world wars
W.D.A. Smith
British Journal of Anaesthesia

Transfusion for war wounded
R.M. Coupland
British Journal of Anaesthesia