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Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day10th December 2014 is the 66th Human Rights Day. This day marks the UN General Assembly’s adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.

In recognition of Human Rights Day, we have put together a selection of human rights related content, including journal articles, books, and online products, from several disciplines. All journal articles are free to access online until May 2015.




Free Journals Articles

Explore our free Journals articles on Human Rights Day by browsing from the selection below.

Journal of International Criminal Justice   Statute Law Review
Journal of International Criminal JusticeGhosts Also Die: Resisting Disappearance through the ‘Right to the Truth’ and the Juicios por la Verdad in Argentina
Sevane Garibian

The Eichmann Trial: Towards a Jurisprudence of Eyewitness Testimony of Atrocities
Leora Bilsky
  Statute Law ReviewThe Human Rights Act 1998—Future Prospects
Ronagh J.A. McQuigg

Declarations of Incompatibility Under the ECHR Act 2003: A Workable Transplant?
Fiona de Londras
International Journal of Refugee Law   Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies
International Journal of Refugee LawStrengthening the Protection of Migrants and Refugees in Distress at Sea through International Cooperation and Burden-Sharing
Anja Klug

Filling the Gaps? Subsidiary Protection and Non-EU Harmonized Protection Status(es) in the Nordic Countries
Liv Feijen
  Jerusalem Review of Legal StudiesBook Symposium on Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen’s Born Free and Equal?
Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies   London Review of International Law
Jerusalem Review of Legal StudiesBook Symposium on John Finnis’ Human Rights and the Common Good   London Review of International LawBeyond redemption? Problematising the critique of human rights in contemporary international legal thought
Ben Golder

The locations of homophobia
Rahul Rao
African Affairs   Journal of Refugee Studies
African AffairsPolicing, state power, and the transition from apartheid to democracy: A new perspective
Jonny Steinberg

Becoming indigenous in the pursuit of justice: The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights and the Endorois
Gabrielle Lynch
  Journal of Refugee StudiesSocial Policy or Reparative Justice? Challenges for Reparations in Contexts of Massive Displacement and Related Serious Human Rights Violations
Luis Eduardo Pérez Murcia

Durable Solutions as Reparation for the Unjust Harms of Displacement: Who Owes What to Refugees?
James Souter
Refugee Survey Quarterly   Human Rights Law Review
Refugee Survey QuarterlyComplicity, Exclusion, and the “Unworthy” in Refugee Law
Satvinder Singh Juss

Readmission Agreements and Refugee Rights: From a Critique to a Proposal
Mariagiulia Giuffré
  Human Rights Law ReviewFinancial Institutions and Human Rights
Dr Mary Dowell-Jones

A Human Right to Access the Internet? Problems and Prospects
Stephen Tully
International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family   International Journal of Transitional Justice
International Journal of Law, Policy and the FamilyChild Marriage, Society and the Law: A Study in a Rural Context in West Bengal, India
Biswajit Ghosh

Conscientious Objection to Performing Same-Sex Marriage in South Africa
Helen Kruuse
  International Journal of Transitional Justice‘Never Again’: Transitional Justice and Persistent Police Violence in Argentina
Michelle D. Bonner

International Insurance? Democratic Consolidation and Support for International Human Rights Regimes
Simon Zschirnt and Mark Menaldo
Journal of Conflict and Security Law   Journal of Human Rights Practice
Journal of Conflict and Security LawThe UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy: An Effective Mechanism against Complicity of Peacekeeping Forces?
Helmut Philipp Aust

Human Rights as Limits for the Security Council: A Matter of Substantive Law or Defining the Application of Proportionality?
Christopher Michaelsen
  Journal of Human Rights PracticeA Research Agenda for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders
Alice M. Nah, Karen Bennett, Danna Ingleton and James Savage

Reconciliation and Human Rights in Northern Ireland: A False Dichotomy?
Maggie Beirne and Colin Knox

Emotions, Encounters and Expectations: The Uncertain Ethics of ‘The Field’
Jonathan Darling
Oxford Journal of Legal Studies   European Journal of International Law
Oxford Journal of Legal StudiesLegal Pluralism and International Human Rights Law: Inherently Incompatible, Mutually Reinforcing or Something in Between?
Helen Quane

Human Rights Histories
Christopher McCrudden
  European Journal of International LawUN Immunity or Impunity? A Human Rights Based Challenge
Rosa Freedman

The Tower of Babel: Human Rights and the Paradox of Language
Moria Paz


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