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International Law in a Changing World

“For better or worse, international law is confronting a period of profound change.”
American Society of International Law

In honour of the 109th annual meeting of the American Society of International Law, we have created a collection of free journal articles and online resources, as well as a specially selected list of books. This collection focuses on ASIL’s conference theme: ‘Adapting to a Rapidly Changing World’, and is designed to be a companion to this year’s meeting. Prepare for the conference with this collection, or experience the excitement and debate from afar.




Free Journal Articles

Chinese Journal of International Law   European Journal of International Law
Chinese Journal of International Law The International Law of Co-progressiveness: The Descriptive Observation, the Normative Position and Some Core Principles, Chinese Journal of International Law
Sienho Yee

Analysing Regionalism within International Law and Relations: The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation as a Grossraum?
Michael Salter and Yinan Yin

  Scientific Reason and the Discipline of International Law
Anne Orford

The End of Geography: The Changing Nature of the International System and the Challenge to International Law
Daniel Bethlehem

Human Rights Law Review   ICSID Review
The betrayal of human rights and the urgency of universal corporate accountability: Reflections on a post-Kiobel Lawscape'
Anna Grear and Burns H. Weston

A Human Right to Access the Internet? Problems and Prospects'
Stephen Tully

  Institut de Droit International, Legal Aspects of Recourse to Arbitration by an Investor Against the Authorities of the Host State under Inter-State Treaties/Andrea Giardina, The Tokyo Resolution of the Institut de Droit International on Investment Treaty Arbitration
Andrea Giardina

Practical Suggestions to Promote the Legitimacy and Vitality of International Investment Arbitration
Charles T. Kotuby Jr and Luke A. Sobota

International Journal of Law and Information Technology   International Journal of Refugee Law
The feasibility of transatlantic privacy-protective standards for surveillance
Ian Brown

Paddling in unison or just paddling? International trends in reforming information privacy law
Gehan Gunasekara

  Palestinian Refugees and the Syrian Uprising: Filling the Protection Gap during Secondary Forced Displacement
Noura Erakat

Natural Disasters, Climate Change and Non-Refoulement: What Scope for Resisting Expulsion under Articles 3 and 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights?
Matthew Scott

International Journal of Transitional Justice   Journal of Conflict and Security Law
Is the ICC Making the Most of Victim Participation?
Mariana Pena and Gaelle Carayon

Rethinking Transitional Justice, Redressing Indigenous Harm: A New Conceptual Approach
Jennifer Balint, Julie Evans and Nesam McMillan

  Jus ad bellum and American Targeted Use of Force to Fight Terrorism Around the World  
Anders Henriksen

Missile Defence Shields: Automated and Anticipatory Self-Defence?
Francis Grimal

Journal of International Criminal Justice   Journal of International Dispute Settlement
Ghosts Also Die: Resisting Disappearance through the ‘Right to the Truth’ and the Juicios por la Verdad in Argentina
Sévane Garibian

Justice as a Dialogue Between Law and Politics: Embedding the International Criminal Court within Conflict Management and Peacebuilding
Kenneth A. Rodman


  Gazing at the Crystal Ball (again): State Immunity and Jus Cogens beyond Germany v Italy 
Andrea Bianchi

Legal Responses to Corporate Manoeuvring in International Investment Arbitration
Tania Voon, Andrew Mitchell and James Munro
Journal of International Economic Law   London Review of International Law
Do We Need a World Financial Organization?
Rosa M. Lastra

The Great Recession and the New Frontiers of International Investment Law: The Economics of Early Warning Models and the Law of Necessity
Alberto Alvarez-Jimenez

  Mapping the vertical battlespace: towards a legal cartography of aerial sovereignty
Campbell A. O. Munro

The locations of homophobia
Rahul Rao


Free Chapters from Oxford Scholarly Authorities on International Law

Ch.XI International Change and the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes
Ch.XII International Conciliation as an Instrument of Change
Ch.XIII The Judicial Application of the Doctrine 'Rebus Sic Stantibus'
Ch.XIV The Doctrine of Abuse of Rights as an Instrument of Change
Ch.XV Extension of Judicial Legislation by the Will of the Parties
Ch.XVI Judicial Decision as the Starting Point for the Modification of Law