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Happy Earth Day From Oxford Journals


In recognition of Earth Day this year, we have looked across Law, History, Economics, Literature, Life Science and Social Sciences to identify key articles in environmental studies, which have been made freely available below.

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Regulation of water balance in mangroves
Ruth Reef and Catherine E. Lovelock
(2015) 115 (3): 385-395.

Phenological niches and the future of invaded ecosystems with climate change
Elizabeth M. Wolkovich and Elsa E. Cleland
(2014) First published online: March 31, 2014.

Physiology in conservation translocations
Esther Tarszisz, Christopher R. Dickman and Adam J. Munn
(2014) 2 (1).

Animal Trouble and Urban Anxiety: Human–Animal Interaction in Post–Earth Day Seattle
Jeffrey C. Sanders
(2011) 16 (2): 226-261.

Poverty, Industry, and Environmental Quality: Weighing Paths to Economic Development at the Dawn of the Environmental Era
William D. Bryan
(2011) 16 (3): 492-522.

The benefits and hazards of exploiting vegetative regeneration for forest conservation management in a warming world
M. Jennifer Sjölund and Alistair S. Jump
(2013) 85 (5): 503-513.

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“There’s a Storm Coming!”: Reading the Threat of Climate Change in Jeff Nichols’s Take Shelter
Agnes Woolley
(2014) 21 (1): 174-191.

Islam, Westernization, and Posthumanist Place: The Case of the Istanbul Street Dog
Kim Fortuny
(2014) 21 (2): 271-297.

Comfortably Numb: Material Ecocriticism and the Postmodern Horror Film
Stephen A. Rust
(2014) 21 (3): 550-561.

Posthumanism, Environmental History, and Narratives of Collapse
Dana Phillips
(2015) First published online: March 2, 2015.


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“Give Earth a Chance”: The Environmental Movement and the Sixties
Adam Rome
(2003) 90 (2): 525-554.

“The Specter of Environmentalism”: Wilderness, Environmental Politics, and the Evolution of the New Right
James Morton Turner
(2009) 96 (1): 123-148.


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Perspectives for Environmental Law – Entering the Fourth Phrase
Gerd Winter
(1989) 1 (1): 38-47.

The Precautionary Principle as a Norm of Customary International Law
Owen McIntyre and Thomas Mosedale
(1997) 9 (2): 221-241.

The Environment and the Ten Commandments
Ludwig Krämer
(2008) 20 (1): 5-7.

It’s All About Climate Change, Stupid! Exploring the Relationship Between Environmental Law and Climate Change
Chris Hilson
(2013) 25 (3): 359-370.


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Biodiversity change in heathland and its relationships with shifting local fire regimes and native species expansion
Nancy Shackelford, Michael Renton, Michael P. Perring, Kristine Brooks and Richard J. Hobbs
(2015) 8 (1): 17-29.


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Solar Geoengineering’s Brave New World: Thoughts on the Governance of an Unprecedented Technolog
Scott Barrett
(2014) 8 (2): 249-269.

Rights, Rewards, and Resources: Lessons from Community Forestry in South Asia
Priya Shyamsundar and Rucha Ghate
(2014) 8 (1): 80-102.

The Role of Standards in Eco-innovation: Lessons for Policymakers
Herman R. J. Vollebergh and Edwin van der Werf
(2014) 8 (2): 230-248.


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The Warsaw Framework and the Future of REDD+
Maria Eugenia Recio
(2013) 24 (1): 37-69.

Climate Change, Regime Interaction, and the Principle of Common but Differentiated Responsibility: The Experience of the International Maritime Organization
Sophia Kopela
(2013) 24 (1): 70-101.

Notification and Consultation on Planned Measures Concerning International Watercourses: Learning Lessons from the Pulp Mills and Kishenganga Cases
Alistair Rieu-Clarke
(2013) 24 (1): 102-130.