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The Economics of Health Virtual Issue

The economics of health is an increasingly important topic. Many countries are wrestling with ever growing health-care costs and ever growing demands on their health services, with ageing populations adding to the pressures in many western countries. This online collection of articles, books and reference works brings together a range of publishing that provides the latest research on many health-economics issues. Areas covered range from health insurance, preventives versus treatment, and the effect of pollution on health, through to competition between hospitals, obesity and diet, and how advances in HIV treatment affect sexual behaviour. It even touches on historical topics such as the relationship between plague in 17th Century and the economic decline of Italy. The current issue of Oxford Review of Economic Policy focuses on the economics of health, and several articles from this issue are included.




American Journal of Agricultural Economics   Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy
Do Neighborhood Parks and Playgrounds Reduce Childhood Obesity?
Maoyong Fan and Yanhong Jin

Is Diet Quality Improving? Distributional Changes in the United States, 1989-2008
Timothy K.M. Beatty, Biing-Hwan Lin, and Travis A. Smith

The Effect of Chronic Illness on Participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance and Medicaid Programs
Chad D. Meyerhoefer and Yuriy Plypchuk

The Short-Run Impact of the Healthy Incentives Pilot Program on Fruit and Vegetable Intake Jacob A. Klerman, Susan Bartlett, Parke Wilde, and Lauren Olsho

  Concentration Indices of Income-Related Self-Reported Health: A Meta-Regression Analysis
Joan Costa-Font and Cristina Hernández-Quevedo

Implications of Health Care Reform for Farm Businesses and Families
Mary Clare Ahearn, James M. Williamson, and Nyesha Black

Catastrophic Outpatient Health Payments and Health Payment-induced Poverty under China’s New Rural Cooperative Medical Scheme
Wei Yang

The Consequences of Obesity for the External Costs of Public Health Insurance in the United States
Joanna P. MacEwan, Julian M. Alston, and Abigail M. Okrent

CESifo Economic Studies   European Review of Economic History
International Portability of Health-Cost Cover: Mobility, Insurance, and Redistribution
Martin Werding and Stuart R. McLennan
  Respiratory tuberculosis and standards of living in postwar Europe
Sue Bowden,  JoÃo tovar jalles, Álvaro santos Pereira, and Alex Sadler

Plague in seventeenth-century Europe and the decline of Italy: an epidemiological hypothesis              Guido Alfani

The lasting damage to mortality of early-life adversity: evidence from the English famine of the late 1720s
Marc Klemp and Jacob Weisdorf

Journal of African Economies   Oxford Economic Papers
Household Out-of-Pocket Expenses on Health: Does Disease Type Matter?
Fleur Wouterse and Mahamadou Tankari
  Heterogeneity in the impact of health shocks on labour outcomes: evidence from Swedish workers
Petter Lundborg, Martin Nilsson, and Johan Vikström

Assessing the intergenerational correlation in disability pension recipiency
Espen Bratberg, Øivind Anti Nilsen, and Kjell Vaage
Oxford Review of Economic Policy   The Quarterly Journal of Economics
The economics of global health: an assessment
Andrew W. K. Farlow

Reorienting health aid to meet post-2015 global health challenges: a case study of Sweden as a donor
Gavin Yamey, Jesper Sundewall, Helen Saxenian, Robert Hecht, Keely Jordan, Marco Schäferhoff, Christina Schrade, Cécile Deleye, Milan Thomas, Nathan Blanchet, Lawrence Summers, and Dean Jamison

Measuring progress towards universal health coverage: with an application to 24 developing countries
Adam Wagstaff, Daniel Cotlear, Patrick Hoang-Vu Eozenou, and Leander R. Buisman
  Public Health Insurance, Labor Supply, and Employment Lock
Craig Garthwaite, Tal Gross and Matthew J. Notowidigdo

Preventives Versus Treatments
Michael Kremer and Christopher M. Snyder

Do Pharmacists Buy Bayer? Informed Shoppers and the Brand Premium
Bart J. Bronnenberg, Jean-Pierre Dubé, Matthew Gentzkow, and Jesse M. Shapiro

Behavioral Hazard in Health Insurance
Katherine Baicker, Sendhil Mullainathan, and Joshua Schwartzstein
The Review of Economic Studies   The World Bank Economic Review
Health, Risky Behaviour and the Value of Medical Innovation for Infectious Disease
Tat Y. Chan, Barton H. Hamilton, and Nicholas W. Papageorge

Airports, Air Pollution, and Contemporaneous Health
Wolfram Schlenker and W. Reed Walker

HIV/AIDS-related Expectations and Risky Sexual Behaviour in Malawi
Adeline Delavande and Hans-Peter Kohler

The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals
Nicholas Bloom, Carol Propper, Stephan Seiler, and John Van Reenen
  Psychological Health Before, During, and After an Economic Crisis: Results from Indonesia, 1993 – 2000
Jed Friedman and Duncan Thomas

Mental Health Patterns and Consequences: Results from Survey Data in Five Developing Countries
Jishnu Das, Quy-Toan Do, Jed Friedman, and David McKenzie

When Should Governments Subsidize Health? The Case of Mass Deworming
Amrita Ahuja, Sarah Baird, Joan Hamory Hicks, Micael Kremer, Edward Miguel, and Shawn Powers

Impact of Ethiopia’s Community Based Health Insurance on Household Economic Welfare
Zelalem Yilma, Anagaw Mebratie, Robert Sparrow, Marleen Dekker, Getnet Alemu, and Arjun S. Bedi
The World Bank Research Observer   Work, Aging and Retirement
Progress on Global Health Goals: Are the Poor Being Left Behind?
Adam Wagstaff, Caryn Bredenkamp, and Leander R. Buisman

The Impact of Health Insurance Schemes for the Informal Sector in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review
Arnab Acharya, Sukumar Vellakkal, Fiona Taylor, Edoardo Masset, Ambika Satija, Margaret Burke, and Shah Ebrahim

Aggregate Economic Shocks, Child Schooling, and Child Health
Francisco H.G. Ferreira and Nobert Schady
  Number of Illnesses, Self-perceived Health, and Depressive Symptoms: The Moderating Role of Employment in Older Adulthood and Old Age
Dikla Segel-Karpas

Mental Health and Wellbeing of Older Workers in Australia
Miriam K. Forbes, Karen M. Spence, Viviana M. Wuthrich, and Ronald M. Rapee


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