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World Philosophy Day 2014

In celebration of the UNESCO World Philosophy Day this year, we have brought together a selection of some of our most popular quality research from across the discipline. All of the featured articles are freely available to download until mid-December – so don’t miss out! Click the links below to start reading now!

Featured Books

Free Journal Articles

Explore our free journals articles for World Philosophy Day by browsing from the selection below.

The Philosophical Quarterly The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science

The Philosophical Quarterly





The Identity of a Material Thing and its Matter 
Mahrad Almotahari
Winner of the PQ Essay Prize, 2013

Kant on Perception: Naïve Realism, Non-Conceptualism, and the B-Deduction
Anil Gomes

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science


What Makes a Scientific Explanation Distinctively Mathematical?     
Marc Lange
Selected for the best ten articles list in The Philosopher's Annual

Are There Non-Causal Explanations (of Particular Events)? Bradford Skow

Kuhn's Changing Concept of Incommensurability Howard Sankey

Mind Public Health Ethics (PHE)



Computing Machinery and Intelligence
A.M. Turing

What is an Emotion?
William James

Public Health Ethics (PHE)


Ethics, Tuberculosis and Globalization Michael J. Selgelid

The Goals of Public Health: An Integrated, Multidimensional Model
Christian Munthe

Analysis British Journal of Aesthetics



How to solve the hardest logic puzzle ever in two questions Gabriel Uzquiano

Just go ahead and lie Jennifer Saul

British Journal of Aesthetics


Kierkegaard: Aesthetics and 'The Aesthetic’
George Pattison

Appropriation and Authorship in Contemporary Art
Sherri Irvin
Philosophia Mathematica Christian Bioethics

Philosophia Mathematica


A Nominalist's Dilemma and its Solution               Otávio Bueno and Edward N. Zalta

Carnap, Gödel, and the Analyticity of Arithmetic              Neil Tennant

Christian Bioethics



Reframing the Relevance of Calvinism and the Reformed Tradition for 21st Century Bioethics
Jon C. Tilburt and Katherine M. Humeniuk

Natural Law among Moral Strangers
Boaz Goss and Rico Vitz

The Recent History of Christian Bioethics Critically Reassessed
H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr.

The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy  

The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy


Use of a Patient Preference Predictor to Help Make Medical Decisions for Incapacitated Patients
Annette Rid and    David Wendler

Phenomenology as a Resource for Patients
Havi Carel

Organ Transplantation and Personal Identity: How Does Loss and Change of Organs Affect the Self?
Fredrik Svenaeus



Other Free Resources

American National Biography African American Studies Center

American National Biography Online


Sarah Margaret Fuller

W.E.B. DuBois

William James

Hannah Arendt

Henry David Thoreau

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Oxford African American Studies Center


Huey P Newton

William Fontaine

Angela Davis

Cornel West
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Encyclopedia of Social Work

Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online


John Locke

David Hume

Karl Marx

Encyclopedia of Social Work


Porter Raymond Lee


Electronic Enlightenment sample letters...


Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

Electronic EnlightenmentThis letter between Jean Jacques Rousseau and James Boswell is provided in its original French

David Hume writes to Adam Smith about his health (and Smith's The Wealth of Nations)

Jeremy Bentham expounds the virtues of Browning Hill bread to John Mulford

OSEOLeibniz's 'New System' and Associated Contemporary Texts, Appendix A. Leibniz Letter to Bossuet, Hanover, 2 July 1694

The Clarendon Edition of the Works of John Locke: An Essay concerning Toleration : And Other Writings on Law and Politics, 1667–1683, An Essay concerning Toleration 1667


Very Short Introductions Online

VSI OnlinePhilosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction, Chapter 1. What is science?
Philosophy: A Very Short Introduction, Chapter 2. What should I do?: Plato’s Crito