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Human Rights Day


Human Rights Day 2015  

We’re celebrating Human Rights Month from December through the start of 2016 and, in reflection of current human rights issues, we’ve worked with the editors of our law and social science titles to identify relevant, recent articles which are free to read until the end of April, 2016.


Free Journal Articles

Explore our free Journals articles on Human Rights Day by browsing from the selection below.

Human Rights Law Review


Journal of Human Rights Practice

Human Rights Law Review

Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (and Beyond) in the UN Human Rights Council
Lucy Richardson

The Betrayal of Human Rights and the Urgency of Universal Corporate Accountability: Reflections on a Post-Kiobel Lawscape
Anna Grear and Burns H. Weston

Is the Prohibition against Torture, Cruel, Inhuman and Degrading Treatment Really ‘Absolute’ in International Human Rights Law?
Steven Greer

  Human Rights Practice

Human Rights and Hacktivism: The Cases of Wikileaks and Anonymous
Tom Sorell

Reconciling Discourses on Women's Rights: Learning from Guatemalan Indigenous Women's Groups
Tine Destrooper

On the Goodness of Despair
David Shulman

Journal of International Criminal Justice


International Journal of Refugee Law

International Criminal Justice

The Duty on South Africa to Arrest and Surrender President Al-Bashir under South African and International Law
A Perspective from International Law

Dire Tladi

‘It Sends a Message’ Liberian Opinion Leaders’ Responses to the Trial of Charles Taylor
Marlies Glasius

Elaborating Justice for Victims at the International Criminal Court: Beyond Rhetoric and The Hague
Luke Moffett

  Refugee Law

The Internal Protection Alternative Inquiry and Human Rights Considerations – Irrelevant or Indispensable?
Bríd Ní Ghráinne

Divorcing Sexual Orientation from Religion and Politics: Utilizing the Convention Grounds of Religion and Political Opinion in Same-Sex Oriented Asylum Claims
Tim Sahliu Braimah

Asylum as a General Principle of International Law
María-Teresa Gil-Bazo

International Journal of Transitional Justice


London Review of International Law

Transitional Justice

National Prosecutions as the Main Remedy in Cases of Massive Human Rights Violations: An Assessment of the Approach of the European Court of Human Rights
Sebastian Răduleţu

International Justice through Domestic Courts: Challenges in Brazil’s Judicial Review of the Amnesty Law
Yi Shin Tang

Truth Commissions and Anti-Corruption: Towards a Complementary Framework?
Isabel Robinson

  International Law

Beyond redemption? Problematising the critique of human rights in contemporary international legal thought
Ben Golder

Weaponising neurotechnology: international humanitarian law and the loss of language
Gregor Noll

Human Shields
Judith Butler

Journal of International Dispute Settlement


Journal of Refugee Studies

International Dispute Settlement

Adding Human Rights Punch to the New Lex Mercatoria: The Impact of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights on Commercial Legal Practice
John Gerard Ruggie and John F. Sherman III

Human Rights in Investor-State Arbitration: The Human Right to Water and Beyond
Tamar Meshel

The Problem of Accommodating Indigenous Land Rights in International Investment Law
Mihail Krepchev

International Law Between Two Futures
Thomas Pogge

  Refugee Studies International Refugee Law and Refugee Policy: The Case of Deterrence Policies
Thomas Gammeltoft-Hansen

Refugee Survey Quarterly


Oxford Journal of Law and Religion

Refugee Survey Quarterly

Special Issue: The Role of International Organizations and Human Rights Monitoring Bodies in Refugee Protection
Guest Editor: María-Teresa Gil-Bazo

Time for Reform? Refugees, Asylum-seekers, and Protection Under International Human Rights Law
Colin Harvey

  Law and Religion

Religions, National Identities, and the Universality of Human Rights
Andrea Pin

Current Legal Problems


International Journal of Law, Policy, and Family

Current Legal Problems

Beyond the European Convention: Human Rights and the Common Law
Mark Elliott

  Law, Policy and the Family

‘Woman, But Not Human’: Widowhood Practices and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria
Ebenezer Durojaye


Oxford Journal of Legal Studies


Oxford Journal of Legal Studies

Poverty and Human Rights
Octavio L. M. Ferraz

Global Responsibility for Human Rights
Sigrun I. Skogly