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Citation guidelines

How to cite journals which use article numbering

A number of our journals use an article numbering model where articles are uniquely identified by an article number and DOI rather than volume/issue/page numbers.

Articles using article numbering should be cited as follows:

  • {author names}. {article title}. {journal title} {year of publication}; Vol. {number}: article ID {ID}, {number} pages, {DOI}

    An example citation is:

    Kumar MN, Rao AP, Ravindra GV. Arithmetically Cohen-Macaulay Bundles on Three Dimensisonal Hypersurfaces. International Mathematics Research Notices 2007; Vol. 2007: article ID rnm025, 10 pages, doi:10.1093/imrn/rnm025

The following journals use an article numbering system:

Please note that before 1996 these titles used a conventional pagination system. Articles published using conventional pagination should be cited in the usual style including page numbers.


Where journals such as those listed above provide an article number, it is important that the article number is included in references for accurate citation counting.

However, many journals publish material (especially online ahead of print or Advance Access material) which uses DOI as the main source of citation.