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Friday, 28 February 2014
Oxford University Press is happy to launch our new usage portal which is now COUNTER4 compliant. As our new system is launching, there are a few minor issues which we are working on. You may experience a slight delay in running some reports, and the following 10 journals are missing from the reporting as the data is being re-loaded:

• Music Therapy Perspectives
• Journal of Music Therapy
• AIBS Bulletin
• Music Theory Spectrum
• Medical Mycology
• Journal of Professions and Organization
• The Journal of Applied Poultry Research
• Poultry Science
• Progress of Theoretical Physics
• Conservative Physiology

You'll also notice that JR1a is currently missing a monthly breakdown. Thank you for your patience as we work to provide you with the accurate data you expect. Should you have any questions about the new reports, please visit the COUNTER website - or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

COUNTER and ABCe compliant usage statistics are available to registered institutional and consortia administrators.

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Counter 3 SUSHI service available

Further details on the usage statistics login page.

Usage reports from January 2011 onwards

Reports available include:

Total downloads by journal by month (JR1)
Total downloads by journal by month for archive content (JR1a)
Downloads by month, journal, and page type
Details of top articles and abstracts accessed
Summary of access by type (search, abstract, full text, advance access etc.)
Summary by access method (IP address, Athens, username etc.)
Total access by year

These usage statistics provide a record of all direct accesses to our titles at HighWire and Oxford Journals. They do not include accesses via third party gateways such as EBSCO, Ingenta, SwetsWise, etc. However, where possible, we intend to develop our service in this area, as per the COUNTER Project recommendations.

For further advice on how to download your usage statistics from HitList please see our new user guide. [PDF]

Usage statistics user guide - Spanish
Usage statistics user guide - French
Usage statistics user guide - Portuguese
Usage statistics user guide - Italian
Usage statistics user guide - Turkish
Usage statistics user guide - Arabic
Usage statistics user guide - Russian
Usage statistics user guide - Japanese
Usage statistics user guide - Korean
Usage statistics user guide - Traditional Chinese
Usage statistics user guide - Simplified Chinese

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