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Production services

Oxford Journals production aims to achieve the fastest publication times and most cost-effective processes, without sacrificing quality. We continually review and improve our services for authors, readers, editors, and societies, in order to offer the best publishing options for all titles.

Our commitment to quality
Maintaining the highest level of quality is a non-negotiable part of our service. All technological innovations, workflow developments, and cost efficiencies are undertaken with quality in mind. We track and regularly report on our performance to ensure that we maintain and improve on our high standards.

A cost-effective approach
Oxford Journals uses economies of scale to achieve highly competitive pricing on all aspects of outsourced work, including copyediting, typesetting, manufacturing, and distribution. We are proud of the professional relationships we have fostered with our suppliers and monitor their performance on a regular basis.

Ensuring speed and timeliness
We offer rapid online publication models, referred to as ‘Advance Access’, so that articles are published to the highest standards in the fastest time (targets of four weeks for the final article version and less than one week for unedited accepted manuscript format). Our streamlined in-house workflows and excellent business relationships enable us to ensure consistently high performance across the board.

Continuous service improvement
Oxford Journals prides itself on being at the forefront of technology and systems development. Our production department uses a bespoke tracking system that allows production staff to monitor the performance of titles at a detailed level and identify areas for improvement.

We are committed to offering all of our authors the best possible publishing experience and routinely send out surveys to authors upon publication of an article to gather feedback on the service that we provide. We can make the results of these surveys available to you upon request.

Society members can find a more in-depth analysis of the Production workflow in Production Explained in the Partner Resources area.