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Your journals... anywhere

By Maymay Sit
Online Project Manager

Oxford University Press journals are now accessible beyond our readers’ computer screens. As part of Oxford Journals continued investment into a sustainable digital program, all journal websites now have a mobile optimized counterpart which can be accessed from any smartphone.

With mobile-friendly sites, your journals can be anywhere, and your members can always be connected.

The mobile optimized websites derive from the major use case of a well-travelled scholar who wishes to "look up and keep up" with the latest academic research, this means that features are geared towards browsing current content and doing quick searches. OUP and HighWire have worked together to create mobile friendly journal sites that offer a clean, fast, and easy to navigate mobile web interface.

Mobile vs. Non mobile Site Comparison

Comparison between a non-optimized site (left) and mobile-optimized site (right)

As Sherwood L. Gorbach, MD, Editor of the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases notes, this is 'a great advancement into using new technology for our journals.'

In conjunction with the mobile optimized websites, you may also start seeing the symbol below on print copies of our journals, or on the OUP stand at conferences. As part of Oxford Journals ongoing promotion of digital campaigns, Quick Response (QR) codes are being utilized to assist users travel seamlessly from printed material to online content.

Simply download a QR reader to your smartphone, scan this image and see where it takes you!


Usage and usability

Now that we have launched these new homes for our journals, we are continually looking to improve and expand the mobile experience. Since the mobile-friendly sites have been in use, we have been tracking how many people use them, how they use the sites, how long they stay, and even what mobile devices they are using to access the journals.

We will continue to look at how scholars use the mobile-friendly sites and how we can help improve the websites.

How to access the mobile sites

Accessing the new mobile-optimized journals couldn’t be easier. Navigate to a journal from your iOS (iPhone; iPod Touch), Blackberry, or Android device and the website recognizes the make and model of your smartphone and automatically redirects you to the website most suited for your device.


If there's more you want to know about our mobile-friendly websites, please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, contact your publisher or editor, or talk to our customer services team.