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Viewing video

Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player, available from Microsoft is required to view the following video formats:

  • Windows Media audio and video files .asf, .asx, .wax, .wm, .wma, .wmd, .wmp, .wmv, .wmx, .wpl, and .wvx
  • Windows audio and video files .avi and .wav
  • Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2, .mpa, .mpe, .mp2v*, and .mpv2
  • Macromedia Flash .swf

Download the Windows Media Player from Microsoft.

Quicktime Player

QuickTime supports the following video formats:

  • QuickTime Movies .mov, .qt
  • SMIL 1.0 .smi, .sml, .smil
  • Video for Windows .avi, .vfw
  • MPEG media .mpeg, .mpg, .m1s, .m1v, .m1a, .m75, .m15, .mp2, .mpm, .mpv, .mpa
  • MPEG-4 .mp4, .mpg4
  • Video (protected) .m4v
  • PICT .pict, .pic, .pct
  • Flash swf

Download QuickTime from Apple.