NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1017
Welch, Roy; Pratt-Szeliga, Philip; Skewes, Aaron; Yan, Jinyuan; Welch, Laura

Database Description

The Microbial Genome Annotation Network (MGAN) is collaborating with the Genomics Education National Initiative (GENI), Dr. Cheryl Kerfeld (University of California - Berkley, CA) and Dr. Roy Welch (Syracuse University, NY) to provide authentic and inexpensive research opportunities to high school and undergraduate students in the field of microbial genome analysis. The available technology includes: 1) an online bioinformatics toolkit called GENI-ACT that consolidates publically available bioinformatics tools into a single platform, and 2) an online collaboration tool called GENI that provides wet-lab resources (e.g., bacterial strains, primers and plasmids) for functional genomics studies. With funding from NSF, MGAN provides workshops in the use of GENI-ACT.


National Science Foundation under Grant Number 0954829.


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