DIP - Database of Interacting Proteins

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 104
Xenarios, I., Salwinski, L., Xiaoqun, JD., Higney, P., Kim, SM., Eisenberg, D.
UCLA-DOE Laboratory of Structural Biology and Molecular Medicine Molecular Biology Institute PO BOX 951570 Los Angeles, CA 90095-1570

Database Description

The Database of Interacting Proteins (DIP: http://dip.doe-mbi.ucla.edu) is a database that documents experimentally determined protein-protein interactions. This database provides the scientific community with a comprehensive and integrated set of tools for browsing and extracting information about protein interaction networks. DIP currently catalogs roughly 5,900 proteins participating in about 10,000 distinct interactions contained in more than 80 organisms; the vast majority of interactions to date are in yeast, helicobacter pylori, and human. Tools have been developed that allow the user to analyze, visualize, and integrate his/her own experimental information with the protein interaction network, such as mRNA expression data, domain occurrence and postranslation modifications.

Recent Developments

An interactive tool to navigate the protein interaction network namely : JDIP (Java-DIP). This tool allow to superimpose on the protein interaction network expression data or any feature.


We thank the DOE and NIH for support to DIP

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