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Database Description

GreenPhylDB is a web resource designed for comparative and functional genomics in plants. The database contains a catalogue of gene families based on gene predictions of genomes, covering a broad taxonomy of green plants.
Result of our automatic clustering is manually annotated and analyzed by a phylogenetic-based approach to predict homologous relationships. It supports evolution and functional studies to identify candidate gene affecting agronomic traits in crops.


1. Rouard,M., Guignon,V., Aluome,C., Laporte,M.-A., Droc,G., Walde,C., Zmasek,C.M., Perin,C. et Conte,M.G. (2010) GreenPhylDB v2.0: comparative and functional genomics in plants. Nucleic Acids Research, 39, D1095-D1102.
2. Conte,M.G., Gaillard,S., Lanau,N., Rouard,M. et PĂ©rin,C. (2008) GreenPhylDB: a database for plant comparative genomics. Nucleic Acids Res, 36, D991-D998.
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Subcategory: Arabidopsis thaliana
Category: Plant databases
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