UCSC Genome Browser

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 113
Casper, Jonathan; Zweig, Ann; Villarreal, Chris; Tyner, Cath; Speir, Matthew; Rosenbloom, Kate; Raney, Brian; Lee, Christopher; Lee, Brian; Karolchik, Donna; Hinrichs, Angie; Haeussler, Maximilian; Guruvadoo, Luvina; Navarro Gonzalez, Jairo; Gibson, David; Fiddes, Ian; Eisenhart, Christopher; Diekhans, Mark; Clawson, Hiram; Barber, Galt; Armstrong, Joel; Haussler, David; Kuhn, Robert; Kent, W. James

Database Description

The UCSC Genome Browser (https://genome.ucsc.edu) provides a web interface for exploring annotated genome assemblies. The assemblies and annotation tracks are updated on an ongoing basis—12 assemblies and more than 28 tracks were added in the past year. Two recent additions are a display of CRISPR/Cas9 guide sequences and an interactive navigator for gene interactions. Other upgrades from the past year include a command-line version of the Variant Annotation Integrator, support for Human Genome Variation Society variant nomenclature input and output, and a revised highlighting tool that now supports multiple simultaneous regions and colors.

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