NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 114
Keller, Andreas; Palmieri, Valeria; Backes, Christina; Ludwig, Nicole; Fehlmann, Tobias; Kern, Fabian; Meese, Eckart

Database Description

Web repositories for almost all ‘omics’ types have been generated—detailing the repertoire of representatives across different tissues or cell types. A logical next step is the combination of these valuable sources. With IMOTA (interactive multi omics tissue atlas), we developed a database that includes 23 725 relations between miRNAs and 23 tissues, 310 932 relations between mRNAs and the same tissues as well as 63 043 relations between proteins and the 23 tissues in Homo sapiens. IMOTA also contains data on tissue-specific interactions, e.g. information on 331 413 miRNAs and target gene pairs that are jointly expressed in the considered tissues. By using intuitive filter and visualization techniques, it is with minimal effort possible to answer various questions. These include rather general questions but also requests specific for genes, miRNAs or proteins. An example for a general task could be ‘identify all miRNAs, genes and proteins in the lung that are highly expressed and where experimental evidence proves that the miRNAs target the genes’. An example for a specific request for a gene and a miRNA could for example be ‘In which tissues is miR-34c and its target gene BCL2 expressed?’. The IMOTA repository is freely available online at


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