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Salgado, H, Gama-Castro, S., MartÍnez-Antonio, A., DÍaz-Peredo, E., SÁnchez-Solano, F., GarcÍa-Alonso, D., Peralta-Gil, M., Santos-Zavaleta, A., JimÉnez-Jacinto, V., Collado-Vides, J.
Program of Computational Genomics, CIFN, UNAM A.P. 565-A Cuernavaca, Morelos, 62100, Mexico

Database Description

RegulonDB is a database on mechanisms of transcription regulation, operon organization and knowledge on physiological conditions under which genes are induced or repressed in Escherichia coli K-12. The current version has an important increase in all objects of the database, regulons, operons, promoters, binding sites, regulatory proteins, their allosteric conformations, and terminators. It also has novel information about affected genes and the associated conditions of growth of E. coli, even if in many cases very little is known about the regulatory mechanism. Furthermore, a major improvement is a graphical display enabling browsing of the database with a Java-based interactive interface with three zoom-levels connected to properties of each chromosomal element. RegulonDB can be accessed on the web at

Recent Developments

Information of the effect in the expression of specific genes when changing the growth conditions of the cell, as well as experiments studying the effects of mutating regulatory genes was added recently. Alignments and matrixes for the transcriptional regulators were updated and a new tool for searching regulatory binding sites is available. Also RegulonDB has a new interface and graphical tools.


This work was supported by NIH grants GM62205-02 and 1-R01-RR07861. We acknowledge Rosa MarÍa GutiÉrrez-Rios and MÓnica PeÑaloza-SpÍnola their participation in discussions on growth conditions, and , CÉsar Bonavides-MartÍnez, VÍctor del Moral and Romualdo Zayas for their computer support.


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