NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1173
Antin, Parker B; Yatskievych, Tatiana; Davey, Sean; Darnell, Diana
1, Department of Cell Biology and Anatomy, and 2, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 85724 USA

Database Description

GEISHA (Gallus Expression In Situ Hybridization Analysis) is a centralized and comprehensive repository of precise spatial and temporal information on chicken embryonic gene expression created through in situ hybridization. Annotations include probe sequence, stage, anatomical location of expressing tissues, citation for published images and source for unpublished curated photos. Images and annotation can improve researchers’ hypotheses about gene function and genetic networks, which for a significant fraction of genes remain to be explored. As in situ hybridization information is accumulated, the GEISHA database becomes an increasingly valuable resource for the chicken biomedical and agricultural research communities.

Recent Developments

The database has recently been redesigned to incorporate gene information from Ensembl (UK), NCBI (USA) and miRBase (USA). A comprehensive screen of the microRNA genes has been posted (Darnell et al., 2006) and we are currently conducting a comprehensive transcription factor expression screen. We are also incorporating BioMart into GEISHA to augment search and retrieval of sequence and gene annotation information.


GEISHA is supported by grant no. R01HD044767 from the National Institutes of Health


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