NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1178

Database Description

The TDR Targets Database is part of a WHO/TDR project seeking to exploit the availability of diverse datasets to facilitate the identification and prioritization of drug targets in pathogens causing neglected diseases.
The TDR Targets database functions both as a website where researchers can look for information on their targets of interest; and as a tool for prioritization of targets in whole genomes. Using the database as a tool, researchers can quickly prioritize a genome of interest by performing any number of individual queries on a species of interest, then assigning numerical weights to each query (in the history page) to finally obtain a ranked list of genes by combining the weighted queries.


Agüero, F., Al-Lazikani, B., Aslett, M., Berriman, M., Buckner, F.S., Campbell, R.K., Carmona, S., Carruthers, I.M., Chan, A.W.E., Chen, F., Crowther, G.J., Doyle, M.A., Hertz-Fowler, C., Hopkins, A.L., McAllister, G., Nwaka, S., Overington, J.P., Pain, A., Paolini, G.V., Pieper, U., Ralph, S.A., Riechers, A., Roos, D.S., Sali, A., Shanmugam, D., Suzuki, T., Van Voorhis, W.C., and Verlinde, C.L.M.J. (2008) Genomic-scale prioritization of drug targets: the TDR Targets database. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery 7, 900-907.

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