NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 128
Lee, Raymond; Howe, Kevin; Harris, Todd; Valerio, Arnaboldi; CAin, Scott; Chan, Juancarlos; Chen, Wen; Davis, Paul,; Gao, Sibyl; Grove, Christian; Kishore, Ranjana; Müller, Hans-Michael; Nakamura, Cecilia; Nuin, Paulo; Paulini, Michael.; Raciti, Daniela; Rodgers, Faye; Russell, Matthew; Schindelman, Gary; Tuli, Mary Ann; Van Auken, Kimberly; Wang, Qinghua; Williams, Gary; Wright, Adam; Yook, Karen; Berriman, Matt; Kersey, Paul; Schedl, Tim; Stein, Lincoln; Sternberg, Paul

Database Description

WormBase (http://www.wormbase.org) is an important knowledge resource for biomedical researchers worldwide. To accommodate the ever increasing amount and complexity of research data, WormBase continues to advance its practices on data acquisition, curation and retrieval to most effectively deliver comprehensive knowledge about Caenorhabditis elegans, and genomic information about other nematodes and parasitic flatworms. Recent notable enhancements include user-directed submission of data, such as micropublication; genomic data curation and presentation, including additional genomes and JBrowse, respectively; new query tools, such as SimpleMine, Gene Enrichment Analysis; new data displays, such as the Person Lineage browser and the Summary of Ontology-based Annotations. Anticipating more rapid data growth ahead, WormBase continues the process of migrating to a cutting-edge database technology to achieve better stability, scalability, reproducibility and a faster response time. To better serve the broader research community, WormBase, with five other Model Organism Databases and The Gene Ontology project, have begun to collaborate formally as the Alliance of Genome Resources.

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