Beta Cell Genomics - No longer in operation

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 13
Mazzarelli, J., Brestelli, J., Gorski, R., Liu, J., Manduchi, E., Pinney, D., Schug, J., White, P., Kaestner, K., and Stoeckert, C.
Department of Genetics, School of Medicine, and Center for Bioinformatics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Database Description

Beta Cell Genomics is a public web site that supports research in diabetes, pancreatic development and beta cell function by providing information about genes expressed in cells of the pancreas. Beta Cell Genomics displays expression profiles for individual genes and information about transcripts, promoter elements and transcription factor binding sites. Gene expression results are obtained from studies examining tissue expression, pancreatic development and growth, differentiation of insulin-producing cells, islet or beta-cell injury, and genetic models of impaired beta cell function. The expression datasets are derived using different microarray platforms, including the BCBC PancChips and Affymetrix gene expression arrays. Other datasets include semi-quantitative RT-PCR and MPSS expression studies. For selected microarray studies, lists of differentially expressed genes, derived from PaGE analysis, are displayed on the site. Beta Cell Genomics provides database queries and tools to examine the relationship between a gene, its transcriptional regulation, protein function and expression in pancreatic tissues.

Recent Developments

The data and functionality of Beta Cell Genomics are now encompassed by the Beta Cell Genomics website, accessible at, where additional queries and tools are also provided.


Beta Cell Genomics is supported by NIDDK grant UO1 56947. Beta Cell Genomics is supported by NIDDK grant U01 DK 072473


1. Kaestner, K.H., Lee, C.S., Scearce, L.M., Brestelli, J.E., Arsenlis, A., Le, P.P., Lantz, K.A., Crabtree, J., Pizarro, A., Mazzarelli, J., Pinney, D., Fischer, S., Manduchi, E., Stoeckert, C.J. Jr., Gradwohl, G., Clifton, S.W., Brown, J.R., Inoue, H., Cras-Meneur, C., and Permutt, M.A. (2003) Transcriptional Program of the Endocrine Pancreas in Mice and Humans. Diabetes 52(7), 1604-1610

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