Network of Cancer Genes

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1373
An, O.1, Pendino, V.1, D'Antonio, M.1, Ratti, E.1, Gentilini, M.1, Ciccarelli, F.1,2
1Department of Experimental Oncology, European Institute of Oncology, IFOM-IEO Campus, Via Adamello 16, 20139 Milan, Italy. 2Division of Cancer Studies, King's College London, London SE1 1UL, UK.

Database Description

NCG 4.0 reports information on duplicability, orthology, evolutionary appearance, interactions, function, expression of a manually curated list of protein-coding cancer genes and OncomiRs. Cancer genes are genes with a driver role in the onset of human cancer upon mutations of their sequence and/or amplifications of their genomic locus. The list of cancer genes is derived from the union of the Cancer Gene Census (known cancer genes) and from the results of whole genome or whole exome cancer-resequencing screenings (candidate cancer genes, see complete list of screenings). In addition, the database also annotates possible false positives, defined as candidate cancer genes whose association with cancer is likely to be spurious.

NCG is available as application for Android smart phones.

The cancer types for which cancer genes are stored in NCG include: Cholangiocarcinoma, Glioblastoma, Head and neck squamous cell carcinoma, Leukemia, Lymphoma, Medulloblastoma, Melanoma, Myelodysplasia, Myeloma, Neuroblastoma, Oligodendroglioma, Sarcoma, Bladder, Breast, Colorectal, Endometrium, Gastric, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Ovarian, Pancreas, and Prostate cancer.


This work was supported by the Associazione Italiana Ricerca sul Cancro and by the Italian Ministry of Health.

Subcategory: Cancer gene databases

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