NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 139
Dong, Dong; Zheng, Guantao; Ma, Yijie; Li, Wushuang

Database Description

Metastasis is the main event leading to death in cancer patients. Over the past decade, high-throughput technologies have provided genome-wide view of transcriptomic changes associated with cancer metastases. Many microarray and RNA sequencing studies have addressed metastases-related expression patterns in various types of cancer, and the number of relevant works continues to increase rapidly. These works have characterized genes that orchestrate the metastatic phenotype of cancer cells. However, these expression data have been deposited in various repositories, and efficiently analyzing these data is still difficult because of the lack of an integrated data mining platform. To facilitate the in-depth analyses of transcriptome data on metastasis, it is quite important to make a comprehensive integration of these metastases-related expression data. Here, we presented a database, HCMDB (the human cancer metastasis database, http://hcmdb.i-sanger.com/index), which is freely accessible to the research community query cross-platform transcriptome data on metastases. HCMDB is developed and maintained as a useful resource for building the systems-biology understanding of metastasis.


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