Protein Mutant Database

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 146
Nishikawa, K.

Database Description

The Protein Mutant Database (PMD) is a compilation of protein mutant data, providing information of amino acid mutations at specific positions of proteins and in some cases the structural alterations caused by them. We developed a powerful viewing and retrieving system (, which is integrated with sequence and tertiary structure databases. The system has the following features: (1) Mutated sequences are displayed after being automatically generated from the information described in the entry together with the sequence data of the wild-type protein. This convenient feature allows the user to see the positions of altered amino acids (shown in a different color) in the entire sequence of the wild-type protein. (2) For those proteins whose 3D structures have been experimentally determined, the 3D structures are displayed with the mutation sites colored differently. (3) A sequence homology search against the PMD can be carried out with any query sequence. (4) A summary of mutations in homologous sequences can be displayed, showing all the mutations of a protein recorded in the PMD.

Recent Developments

1. A data submission system was newly prepared in the PMD, accessible through the top page of the Web. We welcome the authors of articles published in academic journals to submit their own mutant data to the PMD. After checking the contents, we will register the data with a unique accession number. 2. The latest version of the PMD (as of August 2001) records 23,167 articles containing 115,766 mutants. About 3,000 articles are added every year. 3. A FASTA-format file of all the mutated amino acid sequences can be downloaded from the ftp site of the PMD. Users can conveniently analyze the PMD contents locally.

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