NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 162
Cousin, X.1, Hotelier, T.2, Marton, P.1, Chatonnet, A.1
1Differenciation Cellulaire et Croissance Departement Physiologie Animale INRA place Viala 34080 Montpellier
2Unite Informatique INRA place Viala 34080 Montpellier

Database Description

Acetylcholinesterase belongs to a family of proteins, the alpha/beta hydrolase fold family, whose constituents evolutionary diverged from a common ancestor and share a similar structure of a central beta-sheet surrounded by alpha-helices. These proteins fulfill a wide range of physiological functions (hydrolases, adhesion molecules, hormone precursors). ESTHER (for esterases, alpha/beta hydrolase enzyme and relatives) is a database whose aim is to group in one information system, sequence data together with annotations and experimental biochemical results related to the sructure-function analysis of the enzymes of the family. The database provides numerous links to generalist databases (e.g., Genbank-EMBL SWISS-PROT, and MEDLINE). It includes inhibitors, substrates, kinetic-parameters. The database management system is ACeDB designed by Richard Durbin and Jean Thierry-Mieg. The web interface uses ACEPerl from Lincoln Stein. New tools allow rapid navigation from alignement of sequences or summaries of mutation studies to three dimensional structure representation and kinetic parameters mesured on the modified enzymes. Complex queries are made possible by the new development and can be reached at

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