Nuclear Receptor Resource

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 182
Danielsen, M., Martinez, E.
Department of Biochemistry Georgetown University School of Medicine 3900 Reservoir Rd, NW Washington, DC 20007

Database Description

The nuclear receptor resource project (NRR) provides comprehensive information on members of the nuclear receptor superfamily. The project includes individual resources as part of a network which integrates this information in a user friendly Home Page. The NRR features the glucocorticoid (GRR), estrogen (ERR), thyroid hormone (THRR), vitamin D (VDRR) and peroxisome-proliferator activated (PPAR) receptors resources as well as the steroid receptor associated proteins resource (SRAPR) and the androgen receptor mutations database. In addition to insights into the structure and function of these proteins, the project offers the opportunity to get in touch with experts in these fields. The NRR also provides postings on employment positions and upcoming scientific meetings, a forum to communicate with other NR scientists, and a useful graphics library. We encourage the participation of new investigators and the development of new resources on other members of the nuclear receptor superfamily.

Recent Developments

The new Estrogen Receptor Resource developed by Stella Kim offers information on estrogen action and receptor activity and is especially helpful for breast cancer researchers. Also, new check out the new entries made into the Graphics library!


Martinez, E. et al., 1998. The nuclear receptor resource: a growing family. NAR, Vol. 26, 1, 239-241.

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