NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1909
The Biomedical Genomics Group
Universiy Pompeu Fabra

Database Description

This database contains information on the 459 genes identified as mutational cancer drivers in Rubio-Perez and Tamborero et al. (2015). It contains information on driver identification at mutational, CNA and gene fusion level. Additional ancillary information about the role and major clonality of drivers is also included. A table is also provided with the list of datasets used for mutational driver identification.


1. Rubio-Perez, C., Tamborero, D., Schroeder, MP., AntolĂ­n, AA., Deu-Pons,J., Perez-Llamas, C., Mestres, J., Gonzalez-Perez, A., Lopez-Bigas, N. In silico prescription of anticancer drugs to cohorts of 28 tumor types reveals novel targeting opportunities. Cancer Cell 27 (2015), pp. 382-396
2. Gonzalez-Perez A, Perez-Llamas C, Deu-Pons J, Tamborero D, Schroeder MP, Jene-Sanz A, Santos A & Lopez-Bigas N IntOGen-mutations identifies cancer drivers across tumor types Nature Methods 2013; doi:10.1038/nmeth.2642

Subcategory: Cancer gene databases

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