NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1951
McArthur, Andrew; Jia, Baofeng; Raphenya, Amogelang; Alcock, Brian; Waglechner, Nicholas; Guo, Peiyao; Tsang, Kara; Lago, Briony; Dave, Biren; Pereira, Sheldon; Sharma, Arjun; Doshi, Sachin; Courtot, Mélanie; Lo, Raymond; Williams, Laura; Frye, Jonathan; Elsayegh, Tariq; Sardar, Daim; Westman, Erin; Pawlowski, Andrew; Johnson, Timothy; Brinkman, Fiona; Wright, Gerard D.

Database Description

Comprehensive Antibiotic Research Database

Subcategory: Drugs and drug design

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