NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1964
Jiang, Yi; Li, Zhongshan; Liu, Zhenwei; Chen, Denghui; Wu, Wanying; Du, Yaoqiang; Ji, Liying; Li, Wei.'; Wu, Jinyu
1Institute of Genomic Medicine, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou 325000, China
2Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics, School of Laboratory Medicine and Life Sciences, Wenzhou Medical University, Wenzhou 325000, China
3Beijing Institutes of Life Science, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100101, China
4The Eye Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University, The State Key Laboratory Cultivation Base and Key Laboratory of Vision Science, Ministry of Health, Wenzhou 325000, China

Database Description

mirDNMR is a database for the collection of gene-centered background DNMRs obtained from different methods and population variation data. The database has the following functions: (i) browse and search the background DNMRs of each gene predicted by four different methods, including GC content (DNMR-GC), sequence context (DNMR-SC), multiple factors (DNMR-MF) and local DNA methylation level (DNMR-DM); (ii) search variant frequencies in publicly available databases, including ExAC, ESP6500, UK10K, 1000G and dbSNP and (iii) investigate the DNM burden to prioritize candidate genes based on the four background DNMRs using three statistical methods (TADA, Binomial and Poisson test). In conclusion, mirDNMR can be widely used to identify the genetic basis of sporadic genetic diseases.

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