NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 1997
James C. Wallace, Jesse A. Port, Marissa N. Smith, and Elaine M. Faustman
Institute for Risk Analysis and Risk Communication -- University of Washington

Database Description

Antibiotic resistance (AR) is a major global public health threat but little is known about the relationship between AR genes present in the environment and genomic sequences derived from clinical antibiotic resistant isolates. FARMEDB is a database of DNA and protein sequences derived exclusively from environment sequences showing AR in laboratory experiments. The Functional Antibiotic Resistant Metagenomic Element (FARME) database is a compilation of publically available DNA sequences, predicted protein sequences conferring antibiotic resistance and additional regulatory and mobile genetic elements and predicted proteins flanking the antibiotic resistant genes. FARME is the first database to focus on functional metagenomic AR gene elements and provides a resource to better understand antibiotic resistance in the 99% of bacteria which cannot be cultured as well as their relationship to known antibiotic resistant genes derived from cultured isolates.

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