Edinburgh Mouse (EMAP) Atlas

NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 20

Database Description

The EMAP Atlas consists of ananatomical terms database that includes the names of anatomical structures that are found at different stages of mouse embryo development, and a set of 3D volumetric digital embryo models at different stages of mouse development. A proportion of the 3D digital embryo models have 3D anatomical domains delineated within them, which forms the basis of a link between the text-based ontology and the 3D volumes. The EMAP Atlas forms the framework that houses the EMAGE gene expession database (http://www.emouseatlas.org/emage).


1. Burger, A., Davidson, D., and Baldock, R. (2004) Formalization of mouse embryo anatomy. Bioinformatics. 20, 259-267

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