NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 264
Vinayagam, A., Pugalenthi G., Rajesh R., Sowdhamini, R.
National Centre for Biological Sciences, UAS-GKVK campus, Bellary Road, Bangalore 560 065, INDIA

Database Description

DSDBASE is a database of disulphide bonds in proteins that provides information on native disulphides and those that are stereochemically possible between pairs of residues for all known protein structural entries. The modelling of disulphides has been performed, using MODIP, by the identification of residue pairs that can strainlessly accommodate a covalent crosslink. We also assess the stereochemical quality of the covalent cross-link and grade them appropriately. One of the potential uses of the database is to design site-directed mutants in order to enhance the thermal stability of a protein. The proposed sites of mutations can be specifically viewed with respect to active sites of enzymes and across physiological dimers. The occurrence of native and modelled disulphides increases the dimensions of the database enormously. This database can also be employed for proposing three-dimensional models of disulphide-rich short polypeptides. The database can be accessed from http://www.ncbs.res.in/~faculty/mini/dsdbase/dsdbase.html.


This work is supported by a Senior Research Fellowship from Wellcome Trust awarded to RS.


R.Sowdhamini, N.Srinivasan, B.Shoichet, D.V.Santi, C.Ramakrishnan & P.Balaram (1989). Stereochemical modelling of disulfide bridges: Criteria for introduction into proteins by site-directed mutagenesis. Prot. Engng., 3, 95-103.

Subcategory: Protein structure

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