NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 265
Kleywegt, G.J.
Department of Cell and Molecular Biology, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden

Database Description

HIC-Up ("Hetero-compound Information Centre - Uppsala") is a repository of structure-related information about the small molecules (ligands, co-factors, ions, metal-clusters, etc.) that occur in complex with larger biomolecules in any of the structures deposited in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). For every compound, the database contains a subset of the following information: atomic coordinates, images, refinement dictionaries, and links to a number of other web sites that also provide information about the compound (e.g., PDB, PDBsum, EDS, PRODRG, Relibase, EBI-MSD Ligand Chemistry, Jena HCD, and NIST Chemistry Webbook). HIC-Up can be accessed through any web browser (http://xray.bmc.uu.se/hicup or a mirror site). In addition, the entire web site can be downloaded for local installation. The database is updated twice a year on average.


1. Kleywegt, G.J. & Jones, T.A. (1998). "Databases in protein crystallography", Acta Crystallographica, D54, 1119-1131.
2. Kleywegt, G.J., Henrick, K., Dodson, E.J., & van Aalten, D.M.F. (2003). "Pound-wise but penny-foolish - How well do micromolecules fare in macromolecular refinement?" Structure 11, 1051-1059.

Subcategory: Small molecules

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