NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 326
Chalifa-Caspi, V., Shmueli, O., Shmoish, M., Shklar, M.,Rosen, N., Benjamin-Rodrig, H., Yanai, I., Ophir, R., Iny Stein, T., Kats, P., Almashanu, L., Safran, M., Lancet, D.
Departments of Molecular Genetics and Biological Services (Bioinformatics Unit), The Weizmann Institute of Science, 76100, Rehovot, Israel

Database Description

The GeneAnnot system revises and improves annotation of Affymetrix probe sets. The many-to-many relationship between probe-sets and genes is elucidated by GeneAnnot's direct sequence comparison of probes to Genbank, RefSeq and Ensembl mRNA sequences. Whenever possible, probe sets are related to GeneCards genes (, with sensitivity and specificity scores assigned to each probe-set to gene match. The sensitivity score measures how many probes in a probe-set connect to a particular gene;
specificity measures how many other genes match a probe-set, and with how many probes.

If no match to GeneCards is found, probe sets are annotated by their relation to GenBank mRNA sequences and UniGene ( clusters.

GeneAnnot results are integrated with the GeneCards (, GeneLoc ( and GeneNote ( databases. For the list of GeneAnnot/GeneCards publications, see

Subcategory: Human ORFs

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