NAR Molecular Biology Database Collection entry number 329
Ananko, E.A., Podkolodny, N.L., Stepanenko, I.L., Podkolodnaya, O.A., Rasskazov, D.A., Miginsky, D.S., Likhoshvai, V.A., Ratushny, A.V., Podkolodnaya, N.N., Kolchanov, N.A.
Institute of Cytology and Genetics, SB RAS, Novosibirsk, Russia

Database Description

The GeneNet system is designed for collection and analysis of the data on gene and metabolic networks, signal transduction pathways, and kinetic characteristics of elementary processes. In the past two years, the GeneNet structure was considerably improved: 1) the current version of the database is now implemented using ORACLE9i; 2) the capacities to describe the structure of the protein complexes and the interactions between the units are increased; 3) two tables with kinetic constants and more detailed descriptions of certain reactions were added; 4) a module for kinetic modeling was supplemented.

The current SRS release of the GeneNet database contains 37 graphical maps of gene networks, as well as descriptions of 1766 proteins, 1006 genes, 241 small molecules, and 3254 relationships between gene network units, and 552 kinetic constants. Information distributed between 16 interlinked tables was obtained by annotating 1980 journal publications. SRS release of the GeneNet database, the graphical viewer, and the modeling section are available at


The work was supported in part by the RFBR (03-07-90359, 03-04-48506), RAS 10.4, the Russian Ministry of Industry, Sciences and Technologies (No., SB RAS (Integration Project No.119), NIH USA (No.2 R01-HG-01539-04A2), the Russian Federal Research Development Program (contract No.28/2003).

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